Who We Are

The Housatonic Valley Association (HVA) brings together a wide range of people and organizations that are deeply concerned about the resources and environmental quality of the Housatonic River Valley. Together, we protect land and water throughout the entire 2,000-square-mile, tri-state Housatonic Watershed. To see an interactive map of the watershed area, please click here.

HVA is unique among all conservation groups.
No backyard is too small or too large to warrant our interest.
We are cleanup teams and problem solvers.
We have saved more than 5,000 acres of farmland wetlands, riverfronts, and forest.
And we are nationally recognized, with numerous awards from the public and private sectors.

On these pages you will find...
Our Story, which tells you more about who we are and our history;
Our Accomplishments are some of the many things we are proud to have done;
Our Board of Directors are the dedicated people who currently guide our path;
Our Staff are the folks who run our day-to-day operations;
Our Partners help us reach our goals;
And Our Financial Information includes HVA's key financial and legal documents.