River Assessments

Stream Team Volunteers
. . . the eyes and ears of the Housatonic River

The major source of pollution comes from "nonpoint sources," such as stormwater runoff from streets and parking lots; fertilizer and pesticides; failed septic systems; soil erosion from fields, construction sites, and stream banks; and seepage from abandoned dumps and landfills.

To get accurate local information on the quantity and quality of water flowing through our neighborhoods, we need to know the condition of the river and surrounding environment, and need to understand the what, when, who and where of the pollution that comes from our everyday decisions and actions.

In 1998, HVA set up a Stream Team for the West Branch of the Housatonic River to collect such data. Now, Stream Teams are working throughout the Housatonic watershed in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York. These teams, comprised of local community volunteers, are the eyes and ears of the communities along the river. To join one of these teams, click here for more info.

Housatonic in Mass.