Shoreline Management Plan

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license recently issued for Northeast Generating Service's (NGS) hydropower plants on the Housatonic River in Connecticut required that NGS work with a group of stakeholders including HVA to create a Housatonic River Project Shoreline Management Plan for the lands NGS owns as part of its hydropower projects. The SMP provides a comprehensive plan for managing shoreline uses consistent with specific FERC license requirements for protecting and enhancing the environmental values of the Project, while operating and maintaining the Project for power generation. This includes several stretches of land along the River in Falls Village and Kent (Bulls Bridge), as well as land around Candlewood Lake (up to the 440 topo line), roughly 95 percent of immediate shoreline around Lake Lillinonah and about five percent of shoreline around Lake Zoar. A few of the highlights that HVA has succeeded in getting NGS to incorporate include:

  1. Improved river access along the east and west shores at the Falls Village plant, along with restoration of an erosion site, and restroom facilities.

  2. Preservation of rare and endangered species at the Bulls Bridge (Kent) gorge by removing and rehabilitating an intrusive parking area near the gorge, combined with the provision of limited gated access for rafters, 
    enforcement of a rare plant species management plan and enforcement of a trash removal plan.

  3. Incorporating shoreline buffers to encourage native revegetation and improve water quality protection. Also includes restricted cutting on new developments.