Buffer Planting

A vegetative buffer along your waterfront property is an easy and common-sense way to protect your most valuable asset—your backyard—and it provides seasonal blooms and autumn color while attracting butterflies and birds and providing a measure of privacy. 

The buffer acts as a natural living filter for rainfall runoff, trapping sediment, debris and pollutants before they enter the waterway and allowing water to soak into the ground to recharge wells and reduce flooding. The plant roots hold soil in place, controlling erosion, which can cloud the water and harm aquatic habitats.

Because they shade the water's edge, trees and shrubs keep water temperatures cooler for healthy amphibian, fish and other aquatic life. Buffer gardens also provide food and habitat for wildlife.

Click here to see or download an informative brochure on streamside buffers.


Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are beautiful natural landscape features that require less maintenance and fewer chemicals than lawns anf they capture stormwater runoff  and allow it to seep slowly into the ground reducing the amount of stormwater flowing into streams.