Massachusetts Greenway

In 2003, HVA, in cooperation with the towns of Hinsdale and Dalton and in partnership with Crane & Company headquartered in Dalton, began construction of the Old Mill Trail, a greenway trail along the East Branch. The trail protects two miles of riverbank and was built in stages as funding permitted. In areas where erosion was a concern, rock cribbing was built and geotextile fabric installed along the footway. Gravel was then set on the fabric and graded to provide secure footing. A bridge that will span the river near Old Dalton Road has been constructed and hikers can now walk the entire trail beginning at Route 8. More than half the trail is handicap accessible. See more.

The trail passes through many fascinating historic sites including an old dam, the Plunkett Brothers mill, and the remains of the penstock that channeled water to mills in Dalton. The natural beauty of this land is rugged and spectacular with boulders and hemlock groves. Additional information is available in the HVA brochure Welcome to the Dalton-Hinsdale Riverside Greenway Trail. Call the Connecticut or Berkshire offices for more information.

We are exploring the possibility of developing a greenway with the town of Lenox and the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission along the river that will connect with the pedestrian bridge to create a loop trail around Woods Pond.

"The Housatonic Greenway in Massachusetts: A Progress Report" was completed in 2000. Regional planners, government agencies and community activists use the information in this report to better understand and promote riverside greenways.


Old Mill Trail, Dalton/Hinsdale, Mass.