Mapping Services

How can HVA and GIS help you?
A few examples are:

  • Land trusts can locate protected parcels, the location and distance of trails, and other parcels which are ecologically, historically, or otherwise important to the community and create a land preservation plan. 
  • Planning, Zoning, and Inland Wetland commissions can evaluate town growth and compare the impacts of alternative development schemes.
  • Conservation Commissions can track open spaces, ecologically important areas, and plan greenways.
  • Towns can create open space plans, locating important resources which define each community, and use this information to create local plans of conservation and development. 
  • Local fire and search and rescue units can develop maps showing the best access routes into the backcountry. 

Mapping environmental effects and consequences
HVA and Housatonic watershed towns can pull together different layers of community and natural resource information, creating maps and performing analyses that help to answer questions such as:

  • Are underground and surface water supplies adequately protected from pollution?
  • Are any critical wildlife areas unprotected?
  • Are there any areas - natural, historic, or cultural - that communities value but which are not protected?
  • Are planning and zoning regulations adequate to protect water supplies in the face of unexpected population growth?
  • What will our town look like if development follows planning and zoning regulations?