Sound Science

A Teacher's Guide to Long Island Sound

Sound Science is an HVA-published program to help Connecticut students gain a greater awareness about how activities occurring in their own towns and backyards can potentially impact the health of Long Island Sound. The program exlains how watersheds function, the link between rivers and Long Island Sound, and man's interaction with the Earth's natural resources.


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Below are suppplementary links to the ideas, resources and techniques discussed in Sound Science. They will be helpful in designing a more omplete or nuanced environmental curriculum.

Connecticut Science Curriculum Framework

Connecticut Science Curriculum Framework

Topo Maps . . .        

Introduction to Topo Maps  1    2   3             
Topo Activities  1   2    3    4
Follow That Drop . . .

Water Cycle    
Making Graphs Using Microsoft Excel
Sample Profile    
Blank Profile    
Polluted Runoff . . .   Impervious Surfaces    
Vegetated Roof Cover

Hypoxia . . .

Long Island Sound Study  
LIS Study/Perception    
Dissolved Oxygen    
Rain Gardens . . .


Rain Garden Brochure 
Rain Garden Guide   
 (entire 36 pages or download in sections below) 
Rain Garden Guides: Sections 1   2   3   4   5

Rain Garden Rescue   
Rain Garden Size  
Rain Garden Home Manual  
Rain Garden Technical Guide
(Virginia Department of Forestry)
Grid Pavers
Septic Systems . . . Maintenance
Drain Cleaners
Landfills . . . Landfills and the Potential for Groundwater Contamination
Environmental Disasters . . .

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

North Cape Oil Spill (Rhode Island)