Learning Opportunities in the Housatonic Watershed

Follow these links to find out about the many exciting ways that HVA and our friends "spread the word" about maintaining and improving the ecology of the Housatonic Valley.

FOR TEACHERS: These programs are focused on students and educators, but they also appeal to anyone interested in how the Watershed environment works.

Students create model of storm drain

Students build model of storm drain system

  • Sound Science: A teacher's guide to preventing pollution from traveling to Long Island Sound.
  • What's Under That Rock?: HVA's in-stream, hands-on macroinvertebrate (aquatic insects) collection program brings students into rivers and streams to find the bizarre creatures dwelling beneath the surface of the river.
  • Down the Storm Drain: Our in-school "Down the Storm Drain" program explains problems caused by dumping into storm drains.
  • A River Runs Through Us: Crane & Co. in Dalton, Mass., hosted a training session for area teachers learning about the history and industrial uses of the Housatonic River.

FOR EVERYONE: These programs and tips will be of vital interest to anyone who lives, works or plays in our area...

  • Environmental Tips: Things you can do to help reduce global warming and protect our natural resources.
  • Zebra Mussel Alert: Find out how you can prevent zebra mussels from invading our water bodies.

To inquire about environmental educational programs in your immediate area, please contact the office for your state, listed at the bottom of this page.