Glendale Dam

Glendale Dam Relicensing

The Housatonic River at the Glendale Dam in Stockbridge, Mass. will soon be more accessible to paddlers. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC) reissued permit for the hydro facility (Littleville Power Company, Inc.) requires it to create a public recreational plan for the area.

HVA worked with FERC and the dam owners for years to achieve this outcome. FERC is requiring tha the plan be prepared in consultation with HVA and the Massachusetts Department of Fisheries and Wildlife (MDFW) and that it include:

a canoe portage

around the damtake-out, put-in and fishing access sites above and below the dam

a parking area

After completion, the site will be available for public use from April 15 through October 15. The permit also established a minimum flow of 90 cubic feet per second to enhance fish habitat in the bypassed reach of the Housatonic River downstream of the dam.

For more information, see the full FERC approval.

Glendale Dam, Stockbridge, Mass.