RiverSmart Business Partnership

Businesses want to show a commitment to sustainability and responsibility through their core products and services. They also wish to address employees’ needs to find meaning and purpose in their work and a desire to do good in the world. Through HVA’s RiverSmart Business Partnership companies can express social responsibility and address the desires of their workforce by playing a vital role in keeping local streams and rivers healthy.

The RiverSmart Business Partnership addresses our nation’s number one source of water pollution: stormwater run-off. HVA has created a "Be RiverSmart" public education program to equip individuals, schools, businesses and municipalities to engage in simple activities which filter polluted rainwater run-off, making waterbodies cleaner. As a RiverSmart Business Partner, a company can 1) Raise its profile by supporting projects that make a real difference and 2) Offer employees, customers and clients a chance to engage in meaningful conservation and community projects. 

HVA is committed to showcasing the RS Business Partners caring for its community and our natural resources. Everyone wants and needs clean water—to drink, to use in our homes and business, and for recreation. We all want clean rivers and lakes for fishing, swimming, and boating—for this and future generations.

Becoming a RiverSmart Business is a commitment to the environment. RiverSmart Businesses pledge to support our efforts to reduce polluted rainwater runoff by:

  • educating employees and customers and encouraging them to take the RiverSmart Pledge
  • displaying promotional materials, and, 
  • adopting at least two RiverSmart activities at their place of business. RS Businesses will receive HVA recognition for participating in the program. HVA stands ready to assist businesses to be known as environmental leaders in their communities.

For more information, contact:  Richard Sears, rsears@hvatoday.org, (860) 672-6678