Green Heron Society

Green Heron leadership gifts of $2,500 or more toward our annual giving campaign inspire others to embrace HVA’s mission to preserve and protect land and water. Society members make it possible for HVA to move forward with its conservation and educational efforts in the 83-town watershed.

Thank you!

2016 Members

Christine Baranski
Anne H. Bass
Sharon Casdin
David and Sandy Dolinsky
Allan L. Frew
Ron Garfunkel and Sande Breakstone
Thomas J. and Anne Hubbard
Ecton and Betsy Manning
William and Sue Morrill
Michael and Martha Nesbitt
Benjamin Nickoll and Christine Armstrong
John and Nancy Novogrod
Kate Paley
Barclay Prindle and Amy Schuchat
L. George Rieger
Royall Victor III