The major tributaries of the Housatonic . . .

The Williams River begins at the outflow of Shaker Mill Pond in West Stockbridge and flows about 10 miles to join the Housatonic in the northern part of Great Barrington.

The Green River, known for its frigid clear waters, emanates from No Bottom Pond in Austerlitz, N.Y. and empties into the Housatonic in Great Barrington just north of the Sheffield border. About 10 miles of the Green River is in New York and a nearly equal length in Massachusetts. 

The Konkapot River begins at Lake Buel in New Marlborough and Monterey, and runs to its confluence with the Housatonic in Ashley Falls. For about 12 of its 14 miles, the river flows through Massachusetts with the remainder in Connecticut.

The Tenmile River's headwaters are in Connecticut. It flows south through New York state and enters the Housatonic River at Gaylordsville, Connecticut. Its watershed covers 210 square miles, most of which lies in New York.

The Still River begins in Danbury, Connecticut and flows north, entering the Housatonic in New Milford. Its watershed has an area of almost 72 square miles.

The Shepaug River has its source west of Goshen, Connecticut and flows south, joining the Housatonic at the Bridgewater and Southbury border. The watershed of the Shepaug River is 156 square miles.

The Pomperaug River originates in Woodbury, Connecticut and merges with the Housatonic at Southbury. Its watershed is almost 89 square miles.

The Naugatuck River is the largest tributary, with a watershed of 312 square miles. It begins in Torrington, Connecticut and joins the Housatonic River in Derby.


Konkapot River in Mass.

Shepaug River

Naugatuck River