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Now you can support our mission and recycle your vehicle. We accept almost anything that is in one piece and towable from any location. Your donation will be picked up and is tax deductible.

Clean Water For Life

The Housatonic Valley Association (HVA), founded in 1941, works to conserve the natural character and environmental health of our communities by protecting and restoring the lands and waters of the Housatonic Watershed for this and future generations.

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Day 9, Saturday, April 30: Lake Zoar Lake Housatonic 

EDUCATIONAL EVENT on the Naugatuck River. Dave Faber and NVOC to champion. (pass $ through to them). 

LUNCH at Kettletown State Park. 

Evening Meal/Potluck at New Haven Rowing Club (Rick Dyer) 

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Housatonic River Watershed. Click on the green highliglhted "Housatonic Watershed" or on "Watershed Map" on this page to access enlarged map

Featured Video:

Embrace the Housatonic: WNPR interview of paddlers

Featured Video:

HVA's 75th anniversary : Frank Delaney delights with "River Words"

Featured Video:

Our View: We dedicate this film to all who delight in and wish to preserve this spectacular place we call home—the Housatonic River watershed. Without you, this wouldn’t exist. So, Thank you!

Featured Video:

Preserving Connecticut: A video by Chris Armentano that shows the efforts of people and organizations, such as the Litchfield Hills Greenprint Collaborative, to protect the environment of the Nutmeg State.